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Webby things are moving along. Google ads! Not quite as useful-looking as I had hoped, but maybe their targetting will get better when I have more content.

Made new music today. A hunk of trance, for no good reason, in the middle of a DnB-ish track. We'll see how it goes. Guitars are sounding better, but not yet as good as they'd sound had I actually bought iZotope Trash, instead of having been just tricked into thinking I'd bought it before realizing that it cost ten times what I paid, and I had no serial number, and bad people now had my credit card number. Now the Russian Mafia is after me. Never buy software when your desire for a sick guitar sound right this instant is overriding your capacity for rational thought.

Minion and I made cookies. Strange cookies. Almost sinister. My stomach hurts.
Tags: cookies, music, russian mafia, website
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