Welcome comicon folks!

Meeting a lot of cool people at Comicon, where I've been hanging with the Cosmic Hellcats, whose book I drew. So to anyone who's found this site via Comicon, welcome! Enjoy the tasty features of my bare-bones music site. (There aren't a lot of tasty features just yet, but my intent is for this site to be useful as well as informative, so if you're a musician type you might like to check out the downloads and resources.)

When I've not been drawing till my hands bleed, I've been playing guitar till my hands bleed. Bloody hands. Hard at work on new tunes...updates soon.

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Jammy Jam went well, I think. I'm afraid I wasn't loud enough again...will have to rectify that next time. Also, for an electronic musician who doesn't sing or mic any equipment, I seem to have an awful lot of problems with feedback. Hmm.

Thank you everyone who showed up! I hope you had as much fun as I did.

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Jammy jam is a go. I can't wait. chrismaverick is going out of his way to make it awesome, to the point where he and his neighbors are actually digging giant holes and erecting things. Meanwhile I'm frying my ears and my brain to cook up something special (but trying to avoid serious back injuries like last year's). Friday, July 27, shall be a very naked friday indeed. Happy birthday Mav & Steph!

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My work here is done. Go Martians! Beat the snot out of those foolish earthlings!
(I wonder what the word "snot" will do to my google ads.)
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